The Guinness Storehouse is consistently ranked as the most visited tourist attraction in Ireland. Situated at St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, the Storehouse spans across an amazing 7 floors, each exhibiting different displays of information about the history of Guinness encompassing the four key ingredients, the brewery founder Arthur Guinness, Guinness advertising and more.

Whether you are a tourist visiting Ireland or simply making a trip to Dublin for the day, The Guinness Storehouse is a must-visit attraction for your to-do list.

Not convinced? Allow us to further explore the wonders of the Guinness Storehouse by wowing you with 10 fun facts about Ireland’s most visited tourist attraction.


Fit For Royalty

A visit to the Guinness Storehouse was a key stop during the state visit to Ireland of British monarchy Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip back in 2011.

Visitor Numbers Are Soaring

More than 1.6 million people walked through the doors of the Guinness Storehouse in 2016, up from over 1.5 million visitors in 2015.

A Treat At The Top

On the seventh and final floor of your tour to the Guinness Storehouse, you can enjoy a free pint of the famous black stuff while taking in breath-taking views of Dublin from the Gravity Bar, the highest bar in Ireland’s capital city.

A Millennial Opening

Guinness has become the brand most associated with Ireland worldwide. It is this synonymous link that led to the opening of the Storehouse in 2000, offering tourists the opportunity to see for themselves how the famous black stuff is made.


How Much Beer?

Over 3 million pints are brewed every day at the Guinness Brewery at St. James’s Gate with the brewing process explained across the various exhibitions in the Storehouse.


One Sizeable Pint of Guinness

The seven floors of the Guinness Storehouse surround a giant glass atrium of a pint glass of Guinness. To fill that atrium with the black stuff would require 14.3 million pints of Guinness!


9,000-Year Lease

Arthur Guinness didn’t mess about and signed a 9,000-year lease for the site of the brewery and Storehouse at St. James’s Gate. A copy of that lease can viewed on the bottom floor of the Storehouse.


90 Minutes Is All It Takes

That’s the approximate time it takes to ponder the seven floors of the Guinness Storehouse but you are free to spend as long as you like. The tour is self-guided so you’re free to ponder at your own pace. You could easily spend 90 minutes alone taking in the amazing views from the Gravity Bar.


4 Key Ingredients

Although the precise Guinness recipe remains a mystery to the public, we do know there are 4 key ingredients – water, barley, hops and yeast. These 4 ingredients are the focal point of the first floor of the Storehouse.


The First Of Its Kind

Did you know that the building in which the Storehouse is located was the first multi-storey steel-framed building in Ireland? It used to house the fermentation plant of the Guinness Brewery until 1988. It was only in 1997, almost a decade later, that the decision was made to convert the building into the now world-famous Guinness Storehouse.



Join more than 1.6 million people in visiting the Guinness Storehouse this year and strengthen your knowledge and passion for Ireland’s most famous alcoholic beverage.