When planning a trip to Ireland, you will likely be overwhelmed with all the different things you would like to see and do. After all, our Emerald Isle might not be the biggest country in the world, but it is steeped with so much history and culture that filling up your itinerary is incredibly easy.

But don’t panic as you can get around to it all; you just have to be smart with the choice of tours that you take. Booking a private tour to take in all the sights and experiences that Ireland has to offer can be a very wise decision.

From having a truly authentic experience to eliminating time wasting, the following are 5 advantages of choosing to do a private tour;

Flexibility to Explore

When booking a place on a public tour or standard ticketed tour, you will be confined to spending only the allocated time periods in the places and sites that you visit. You’ll be constantly in a rush to “get back on the bus” by a certain time as no one wants to be that person that’s always last to get on board.

There will be certain stops on the tour where you will only need a short amount of time to look around and you’ll find yourself sitting in the souvenir shop or café until the bus is back. There will be other times where you’ll be disappointed that you didn’t have more time to explore other sites.

A private tour gives you the flexibility to spend as little or as long as you want on your selected stops. You can enjoy all the stops and sites with no regrets about missing out on getting to fully explore any area.

Your Own Guide

With a private tour, you and your travel companion(s) have the privilege of having your own guide. You won’t have to share your guide with 30-40 other people and wait for your questions to be answered. And you won’t have to worry about your guide getting stressed because some of his/her group aren’t cooperating with the timetable that’s given.  

Instead, you can command the full attention of your own personal guide and truly benefit from his/her local knowledge.

A Customised Trip

As we said, Ireland has lots to offer. However, many of the country’s best sights and excursions are widely spread out across various locations. That means you’ll have to book a multitude of different tours and trips to take in everything you want to see and experience.

By booking a private tour, you can enjoy a customised trip, where you specify the itinerary and the destinations. You pick the days and times and what places you want to visit on which day. You can truly make your trip your own.

Save Time and Money

Don’t make the assumption that booking tickets for public and group tours are the easiest way to save time and money. It can, in fact, end up being more cost-effective and hassle free to book yourself a private tour.

You only pay to go exactly where you wish to go, and you’re not waiting around on anyone except your own travel companions. When taking a private tour with other travel buddies, it makes it even more cost-effective as the cost is spread out among several people.

A Luxury Experience

Rather than spending hours on a packed bus with strangers, you can enjoy a private tour of the beautiful Emerald Isle accompanied by your loved one in a luxury, spacious, air-conditioned and heated vehicle.

You’ll have the space to kick back and relax in between stops which is always welcome after walking the cobbled streets of some of Ireland’s most quaint towns.

Make your trip to Ireland a personal, unforgettable experience by taking your own private tour of our beautiful country. It’s your trip, your itinerary, and your opportunity to experience the real Ireland so make the most of it with a private tour.