When you’re visiting a new place, be it a city, country or even something like a winery or historic monument, it makes sense to take a guided tour. However, while you’ll probably find out masses of information during this kind of tour, it’s easy to feel as though you’re being rushed or that the tour isn’t giving you the time you need to fully explore.

One way to solve this problem is with a private tour of Ireland. Whether you’re travelling with family, friends or you’re a solo traveller, a private tour will allow you to create the kind of experience you want. Private tours include options to pick your date and the kind of transport you prefer, together with the freedom to ask as many questions as you want or to linger in one place as long as you like.

For anyone who’s still sitting on the fence about whether the extra expense is worth it, listed below are just some of the advantages of taking a private tour:

Customise your trip

Rather than joining a one-trip-fits all, a private tour gives you the option to customise your trip to meet your needs. Whether you want to spend an extra day in your favourite city or you’d like to add a few extra stops to your itinerary, the choice is up to you.

You can explore your own personal interests with people you know

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, you want to learn more about the local cuisine or you want to spend time in the location where your favourite novel was set, a private tour provides you with the opportunity to tailor a trip that really reflects your interests and that of your wider group. Plus, you won’t have to hang out with a group of strangers.

Flexible timings to fit in with your schedule

By choosing a private tour, you can choose exactly when and where you want to go. You also don’t have to wait for anyone or feel rushed if you want to spend time at a particular location. This makes the whole experience far more relaxing and really allows you to learn more about the place you’re in. Plus, you don’t have to stick to scheduled trips; you can create a  personalised trip  to fit in your calendar.

Get more involved in local culture

You’ll get to learn more about the local culture and find places that wouldn’t normally be on your radar. Your guides will be able to suggest restaurants that fit in with your tastes, so you have the freedom to eat whatever kind of food you fancy. They’ll also know places that are not your typical tourist haunts and getting recommendations on where to enjoy some of the best nightlife and other cultural experiences will be easy.

Accommodation reservations and travel will be taken care of

Private tours can be a simple day tour of a city or a more complex travel experience. For longer trips, you won’t have to worry about your accommodation or travel, as all that will be taken care of. Plus, you’ll often find that the tour guide will be able to get you access to places that are not open to the general public, with experiences such as exclusive wine tastings or private luncheons with a celebrity chef.

Private tours are worth the extra investment

While taking a private tour is an expensive option, it really will give you an experience that would be difficult to get otherwise. Therefore, if you really want to get to know somewhere and have a much more personal experience, it pays to take a private tour.