Shrewsbury Road

Shrewsbury Road is home to some of the most expensive and exquisite houses in Ireland. They’re so exquisite that Shrewsbury Road in Dublin was once named as the 6th most expensive street in the world, and this was as recent as 2007! And if that doesn’t want to makeyou go house spotting in Shrewsbury Road, the following stat certainly will! The collection of houses on this much sought-after street were at one time more expensive than the homes that are situated on the world famous Carolwood Drive in Beverly Hills – yes, that’s the Carolwood Drive that’s home to some of the world’s most famous celebrities. Bet you didn’t know that!

What sold for a whopping €58 million back in 2005, the most expensive house ever sold in Ireland was of course situated on Shrewsbury Road! The residence – Walford – is the most renowned in the area and it’s known distinctively for its stunning Edwardian style architecture. Built in 1902, this red brick house follows the Edwardian style architecture of the other properties on Shrewsbury Road and is believed to have been sold at the record high price as a result of aggressive bidding between 6 different suitors. The 4,000 square foot property was largely sought after as it sat on a huge 1.8-acre site.

The stature of Shrewsbury Road is even reflected in the Irish version of the ever-popular board game Monopoly, where the most expensive properties can be found along ‘Shrewsbury Road’ and its neighbouring street, ‘Ailbsury Road’.

Located in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Shrewsbury Road was typically occupied by medical and legal professionals as well as engineers in the 19th and 20th century. Even an old 1911 census shows that the road has always attracted wealthy families. And things haven’t changed over the years, as celebrities, property developers such as Sean Quinn and wealthy business people have now bought many of the houses. Presently, it is probably one of the most enviable addresses you could have, not only in Dublin, but in Ireland too! Even in recent years as Ireland has undergone times of economic crisis, properties on Shrewsbury Road have still sold for prices of upwards of €4 million.

Why is Shrewsbury Road such an exquisite place to live? All 26 residences along the road are large builds, each displaying key Edwardian architectural features. Edwardian refers to the period between 1901 and 1918 – when many, if not all, of the homes along this street were built. Typical features include wooden porches with turned spindles, half timbering, decorative fretwork, rustic bricks, roughcast walls, large bays, sash windows and uniform brickwork. Many of the houses even display stained glass, large columns, small feature windows, studded doors and artistic interiors. Interestingly, Shrewsbury Road is currently home to three ambassadorial residences – that of South Africa, Finland and Germany

If you are interested in capturing some magnificent photographs of Edwardian architecture, there are few finer examples to be found in the world than the residences along ShrewsburyRoad. Gape in awe at the beauty of the architecture and take in a little slice of how “the other half” live in Ireland along a street that still to this day is known as “Millionaires Row”.

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