Located in Drogheda, Co. Louth, Monasterboice is one of the oldest and most prestigious religious sites in all of Ireland. It was founded in the late 5th century by St. Buithe and was one of the most important religious centres until Melifont Abbey was built. As sites of interest go in Ireland, Monasterboice is one of the most impressive as it presents a beautiful and awe-inspiring collection of ruins.

What is most attractive to visitors is without a doubt the notable presence of stunningly detailed high crosses. In fact, the tallest high crosses in Ireland, including 2 of the greatest high crosses still standing in the world, can be found at Monasterboice. For many, the 5.5 metre Muirdeach’s High Cross is regarded as the finest high cross in all of the country and one of the finest in the world. High crosses are not just religious icons, as they have become a true and instantly recognisable symbol of Irish heritage across the world.

Have you ever noticed that Irish and Celtic jewellery often features high cross pendants or designs? Well, now you know the reason why and where this symbol originated from.

The high crosses at Monasterboice are very well preserved and feature some stunning artwork and designs. It appears that our ancestors in previous centuries were very talented and skilful when it came to stonework and many of the high crosses at this site regularly feature on postcards and promotional materials from Ireland. Visitors to Monasterboice can therefore avail of postcard material photo opportunities and bring back some breath-taking photographs from their trip to our Emerald isle.

The high crosses are not the only feature at Monasterboice to observe in awe as the impressive collection of ruins also includes a sundial, churches and an old graveyard. The site is also home to the second tallest round tower in Ireland. It’s difficult to believe that so much history and amazing monuments can all stand on the one site, and in pretty good condition too.

Monasterboice continues to serve as one of the key religious and spiritual sites in Ireland and a visit to this very special place will surely blow you away. An idyllic landscape backdrop and tranquil atmosphere really sets the tone of the whole region, and visitors have known to feel a true sense of peace during their visit.

Why visit Monasterboice? Well, there are many reasons to do so! To summarise, in one visit to this spectacular site in Drogheda, you’ll get to capture some of the most breath-taking sites and photographs that you’re bound to capture throughout your entire trip to Ireland. And you do not have to be religious or spiritual to appreciate the beauty of the monuments on show. If you or any of your travel companions are into crafts, the craftsmanship that’s displayed in the carving of the high crosses is truly awe-inspiring.

So, get your walking shoes on and make sure that you have your camera battery charged as you’ll surely need it to capture the outstanding beauty of all that Monasterboice has to offer.

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