This small, coastal suburb of Dublin was first known as Ballybough until the end of the 18th century. The 1797 construction of Annesley Bridge helped grow the town into the urban centre that it is today. The town of Fairview is popular with recreational enthusiasts because of the large and lush Fairview Park and also the town’s association with one of the most famous and respected writers of all time, Bram Stoker.

Fairview Park

Fairview Park is a large urban park that’s got something for visitors of all ages. Originally developed in the 1920s, the park is a favourite among children with its large playground area and skateboard park. A bike lane, athletic playing fields, basketball courts, and a beautiful tree-lined walk also accent the park. Before leaving, stop by the controversial memorial statue of the Irish politician Seán Russell.

Bram Stoker

The world-renowned author of Dracula, among many other things, Bram Stoker was born in the town of Fairview in 1847 as the third of seven children and drew much of his haunting inspiration from nearby locations. One such site was the Ballybough Jewish Cemetery. Built in 1718, this burial ground is Ireland’s largest Jewish cemetery and contains more than 200 graves. The last burial wasn’t until 1958 giving Stoker plenty of time to draw inspiration from the cemetery only minutes from his home.

A similar and no less troubling inspiration is the nearby “Suicide Plot” where the bodies of suicide victims and robbers were laid to rest in the 18th and 19th centuries. This plot of consecrated ground was near his home and is said to be a place where wooden stakes were driven through the hearts of the bodies to assure their spirits wouldn’t return.

Fans of the famed author flock to Fairview in hopes of receiving the same creepy inspiration and walking in the author’s footsteps through churches, graveyards, and maybe even Bram Stoker Park, Fairview Park’s little sister. Given the local legends, the spine-chilling details of Bram Stoker’s vampires come as no surprise.

Renamed for the pleasant views of Dublin Bay seen from the town, Fairview is perfect for both nature lovers and literary fans alike. It’s no secret that Fairview is proud to be the home of the literary master who brought tales of the dead to the world and visiting fans of the author will not be disappointed. Spend some time in Fairview on your tour of Dublin for a relaxing day in the park and a haunting stroll through the historic town.

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